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All of the herbal products and herbal remedies offered at Mountain Medicinals Medical Center are produced according to high quality standards, with patient safety in mind each step of the way. We personally inspect our local suppliers to ensure that they abide by health and safety standards applicable to their herbal products. For herbal products and herbal remedies where no official standards are in place, we require our suppliers to meet standards we feel are appropriate based upon our vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Trust in our experience to ensure that all of the herbal products and herbal remedies that you purchase from Mountain Medicinals Wellness Center are made with quality and your safety in mind.

Medical Marijuana

Custom Rolled JointsMountain Medicinals Wellness Center provides a wide variety of high quality, medical grade marijuana. We're sure you can find something you love to fit both your taste and budget.

Many patients are not aware of the benefits associated with the various modes of delivery for medical marijuana. Our staff can provide information and recommendations for you, based on your medical condition.

Herbal Products and Natural Remedies

Mountain Medicinals Wellness Center also offers an array of non-cannabis herbal products and herabl remedies to help with your body's natural healing processes.

  • Homeopathic medicines for colds, flu, arthritis, and many other symptoms
  • Salves, tinctures, aromas, lotions, oils and more!

If you are looking for something specific, please be sure to ask one of our caregivers. We may be able to get the product for you